ManYee Yu
Senior Consultant

ManYee is a Senior Consultant in the New York office. She graduated from the University of Chicago Booth MBA program with an actuarial background in health & benefits field. She is interested in both digital transformation, healthcare spaces as well as their intersections. Moreover, she is also very fascinated by how technology could help shape the future healthcare system.

Outside of work, she cares about giving back to underserved communities by volunteering at local elementary schools for 7 years running, and more to come. In her leisure time, music is one of her top interests such that she is constantly looking for good music to enjoy.

ManYee aligns her values with authenticity‚ staying true to herself and to others, happiness‚ self-care and care for others and health‚ both physically and mentally. She is also passionate about equality and inclusion.


  • MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business