Keystone’s teams derive extraordinary insights and transformative ideas through rigorous analysis of large-scale public and private datasets. Our ability to operate across the full value chain of unstructured data requires a team of creative, analytical, and collaborative talent.

The teams at Keystone are made up of individuals who are bright, curious, and innovative with a passion to learn. We offer an incredible career path, and look for teammates to help take our firm to the next stage of growth.

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We carefully nurture a culture that emphasizes smart risk-taking, genuine insight, data analysis, and a structured way of thinking. Our unique recommendations challenge prevailing assumptions and exceed our client’s expectations.

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The people who work at Keystone are incredibly talented, knowledgeable, and have some of the most interesting backgrounds. Learn more about what you might expect as an Associate, Engagement Manager, or Principal at the firm.

People Powered Initiatives

People Powered Initiatives (PPIs) are cross-functional internal teams aimed at driving efficiencies across our work and educating our firm on the latest thinking in areas like technology, economics, sustainability, and diversity. Peer-driven and operations-led, PPIs offer a chance to help inform these working groups and share your insights (and passions) across the firm.

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Economics at Keystone

Keystone’s Economics team solves the most complex challenges of competition, strategy, and intellectual property for leading technology firms and global brands. At Keystone, you’ll not only have the chance to work on diverse opportunities and access to world-class experts, but you’ll also have the chance to work at the forefront of tech and and rapidly advance your career as an Economist.

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Equal Opportunities

We believe diversity matters. At every level of our firm, we seek to advance and promote diversity, foster an inclusive culture, and ensure our colleagues have a deep sense of respect and belonging. If you are interested in growing your career with colleagues from varied backgrounds and cultures, consider Keystone.

What Diversity Means at Keystone

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Our Alumni Network: KeystoneNext

Our team of incredible consultants continue to Do Great Things after Keystone Strategy, whether that’s go back to school for an MBA or J.D. or go off to start their own businesses. We support our alumni community through regular events and updates, and continue to nurture this network.

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