Robert Zeidman

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Robert Zeidman
Zeidman Consulting

Bob Zeidman is the founder and president of Zeidman Consulting. Since 1987, Bob has designed ASICs, FPGAs, and PC boards for RISC-based parallel processor systems, vector supercomputers, laser printers, hardware emulators, network switches and routers, and various real-time systems. He has written technical papers on hardware and software design methods and has taught courses on Verilog, ASIC, and FPGA design at engineering conferences throughout the world.

Bob holds 22 patents and is the author of The Software IP Detective’s Handbook about software forensics and 4 textbooks on hardware and software engineering. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and was the recipient of the 1994 Wyle/EE Times American by Design Award, the 2003 Jolt Reader’s Choice Award, and named the 2010 and 2015 Outstanding Engineer in a Specialized Field from the IEEE for “Innovative Contributions in the Area of Forensic Software Analysis.”

Bob is also the president of Software Analysis and Forensic Engineering, the leading provider of software forensics tools for litigation. Bob has testified in deposition and at trial. He is certified in the use of CodeSuite® and has a master’s degree from Stanford University and two bachelor’s degrees from Cornell University.