Adam Heimlich

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Adam Heimlich
Chalice Custom Algorithms

As our resident ad-tech expert, Adam has been supporting Keystone projects since 2008. Formerly the head of search and performance marketing at Razorfish, he went on to found HX, the programmatic desk at Horizon Media and later founded Chalice Custom Algorithms and serves as their CEO. His former clients include Fortune-500 brands in finance, telecom, retail, travel, healthcare, auto, CPG and technology. In addition to his Keystone work, Adam consults on effectiveness-measurement for advertisers and platforms as a Partner at NBS Metrics.

As a parent of young children, Adam has little time for his own hobbies but does enjoy identifying bugs and watching earth-moving equipment in action. He is a member of the Board of Directors of CHIPS, a soup kitchen and women’s shelter in Park Slope, Brooklyn.