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Keystone Strategy’s Stefan Hunt to host conference on Competition, Digital Regulation and Technology

Stefan Hunt (Partner, Head of Keystone Advanced Technology Services, Europe) is hosting a conference on Competition, Digital Regulation and Technology on April 18, 2023
April 14, 2023   /   3 Minute Read

To watch the livestream starting at 3:30pm local time, London, (10:30am ET) on 18th April – click here »

LONDON – Stefan Hunt ( Partner, Head of KATS Europe) in collaboration with Dr Michael G. Jacobides (Professor, LBS)  is hosting a conference on Competition, Digital Regulation and Technology on April 18, 2023. The conference will bring together prominent figures from academia, government agencies and firms to discuss the importance of understanding technology in markets, especially given landmark advances such as generative AI.

The conference will be of particular interest to those involved in implementing the EU’s Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act and in time the UK’s Digital Markets Unit and Online Safety Bill, as well as those working on current and future digital competition cases. Understanding and applying technology plays a critical role in this work.  Discussions will focus on how technology needs now to be part of the picture – both for agencies and advisers.

The event will feature two panel discussions: the first is on ‘The future of algorithmic audit: what role will it play in competition and regulation in the age of Gen AI’; and the second is on ‘What issues arise from firms’ use of privacy enhancing technologies?

Speakers include:

  • Will Hayter (Head of Digital Markets Unit, CMA)
  • Claudia Berg (General Counsel, ICO)
  • Jessica Rusu (Chief Data, Information and Intelligence Officer, FCA)
  • Simon McDougall (ex Exec Director for Technology and Policy, ICO)
  • Michael G. Jacobides (Sir Donald Gordon Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, LBS)
  • Helen Nissenbaum (Professor of Information Science, Cornell)
  • Vince Conitzer (Professor of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon)
  • And more…

The conference website contains the full list of speakers and the agenda for the event

Keystone Advanced Technology Services (K.ATS) provides data science, engineering and technology insight, in combination with Keystone’s economics and strategy competencies.

Join us for the inaugural event of K.ATS in Europe, hosted by London Business School’s M.G. Jacobides.

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