Career FAQs

Q: Do we sponsor work visas?

A: Yes! We will sponsor people who need work authorization.

Q: What are the soft skills we look for?

A: Some of the soft skills include an entrepreneurial mindset, passion for science and technology, analytical prowess, and extraordinary impact. Values we look for in our people also include humility, collaboration, creativity, and a thirst for knowledge.

Q: Do Associates have to travel for work?

A: One of the beautiful things about Keystone Strategy is that we aren’t a big traveling consulting firm. Typically, the team will be able to collaborate cross-offices and may require an in-person meeting or two to collaborate, but rarely do clients require us to be on-site Monday through Thursday like other consultancies do.

Q: What does a typical team structure look like?

A: The ideal team structure will usually consist of a Partner or Principal, one Engagement Manager (EM), two Consultants and three Associates. The Partner or Principal usually owns the client relationship and brought in business, while the EM serves as the main contact and point-person for leading the project.

Q: What kinds of people work at Keystone? What do they do afterwards?

A: We have a wide range of individuals who succeed at Keystone, including strategists, engineers, data scientists, economists, and more. Many join us from undergrad or grad school, and some come to us from industry leaders like Google, DoorDash, Wayfair, Novartis, Microsoft, and more. Like many consulting firms, we foster an environment of growth and know that many of our people will go on to Do Great Things after Keystone, so we have a rich alumni network called KeystoneNext. These include startup founders, product managers, industry analysts, and more.

Q: What does the interview format consist of? How can I best prepare for the interviews?

A: Keystone Strategy interviews full-time and intern candidates in two rounds. The first round is a case interview and the second and final round is a mix of case and behavioral interviews.

We’ve been told that our case interviews are unique – they typically reflect the nature of the work we do, but there is no specific industry knowledge required. When our interviewers discuss their conversations with candidates, they often talk about the ability to structure the problem at hand, leveraging creativity to work through a problem, asking pointed questions to gather more information and to eliminate unfruitful solution paths, and cogent communication of thoughts and synthesis. Additionally, we are keen to understand motivations for entering consulting and joining Keystone, in particular.

Q: Who are your experts? What do they do?

A: Keystone maintains strong relationships with hundreds of experts across academia and industry, partnering with world renowned thought leaders from top institutions. Our experts are widely published, many having extensive consulting, report authorship and testimonial experience.

Q: Who comes to work at Keystone?

A: The folks that come to Keystone Strategy want to work on the most difficult and novel problems that are out there in the business world, and they want to have significant impact on their clients. We rally around this mission of brining transformative ideas to firms at scale. We identify, attract, and retain people who value this kind of purpose-driven work of pairing transformative ideas with a unique approach to client service, which we call uncommon service. We actively anticipate each other’s and our clients’ needs, and work in a collaborative and humble fashion to advance our clients’ interests and develop our team.

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