Sean Hartman


Sean Hartman - Headshot

Sean joined Keystone in 2005 as one of the first employees in the original Boston office, and has since moved to Seattle and opened an office there. His practice areas span digital transformation, ecosystem strategy, product management, customer segmentation and corporate strategy. He works across diverse industries including cloud services, digital agriculture, electric vehicles, telecom and media, advising clients such as Boeing, Microsoft, Facebook, Oculus, Bertelsmann LLP and Nike.

Sean enjoys working with companies that offer innovative technology. One highlight involved crafting a global expansion strategy for a challenger electric vehicle company. This required a deep ecosystem analysis of the automotive industry, understanding international energy markets, and financial and business modeling; driving prototype EVs on a test track was merely an added bonus.

Sean believes the entrepreneurial culture at Keystone makes it a strong match for companies developing and bringing cutting-edge technology to market, including virtual reality, AI, drones and digital agriculture.

Prior to Keystone, Sean helped build Avaki Corporation, an enterprise data integration start-up, through its acquisition by Sybase. He has also worked with government, NGO and for-profit entities on infrastructure, smart growth and environmental and social sustainability initiatives, domestically and abroad.

Sean is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s General Management Program and holds an B.A. degree from Princeton University.


  • MBA from Harvard Business School
  • B.A. degree from Princeton University
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