Mohamed Shakir

Mohamed Shakir
Head of Technology & Labs

Mohamed is the Head of Technology and Labs based in the San Francisco office. With over ten years of experience in the tech industry, he brings a strong understanding of technology and software architecture to the team. Since joining the firm in 2012, Mohamed has been dedicated to leading the in-house technology team in delivering full-cycle software and platform architecture services, including systems design and evolution, analysis and evaluation, and architecture for global technology companies. Mohamed is well-versed in the latest software architecture methodologies and practices and has a deep and hands-on understanding of how to design and implement scalable, high-performance software systems. With a focus on ensuring alignment between technology and business goals, Mohamed works closely with his team to deliver innovative solutions that drive growth and competitiveness.

Mohamed holds an MS in information technology and eBusiness from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA in physics, mathematics and computer science from Westminster College.

Learn more about Mohamed’s work leading Keystone Labs here.


  • B.A. from Westminster College
  • Master's from Carnegie Mellon University