Mohamed Shakir

Mohamed Shakir
Head of Keystone Labs

Mohamed is a Technical Engagement Manager and the Head of Keystone Labs in the San Francisco office. He first joined the firm in 2012 and leads the firm’s in-house technology team. In this role, Moh focuses on understanding and utilizing data sets for global technology companies in partnership with an array of partner academics, mathematicians, and technologists. Moh holds an MS in information technology and eBusiness from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA in physics, mathematics and computer science from Westminster College.

In his free time, Moh enjoys swimming and scuba diving. Items on his bucket list include achieving the state of Dhyana, becoming a grandfather, and writing a book.

Learn more about Moh’s work leading Keystone Labs here.


  • B.A. from Westminster College
  • Master's from Carnegie Mellon University