Emy Han
Consultant I

Emy joined the Keystone Boston office in 2019 after graduating from Dartmouth College. There, Emy was a project manager at the DALI Lab, coordinating developers and digital creators working with augmented reality, machine learning, and data visualization. Emy received her B.A. in Economics and Human-Centered Design, having always believed in the importance of studying economic frameworks while critically analyzing latent human and societal needs. Together, these two fields describe social entrepreneurship and the impact of disruptive technologies in an ever-changing global market.

Over the course of her senior year, Emy worked alongside her professor from the Stanford d.school and Pison Technology, a start-up that successfully captured nerve inputs using sensor nodes to detect muscle intent. Emy’s design team worked to bring this technology to a very new use case: patients with motor neuron disease. Emy culminated her economics degree with an empirical paper describing the impact of high-technology import pressure on domestic firms, demonstrating through which channels firms must innovate their business models when they can no longer compete on R&D alone.

In her downtime, Emy can be found tinkering in the woodworking studio crafting cutting boards or at a concert venue enjoying all of your favorite pop-punk bands. Not hoping to leave her formula racing days behind as a driver and cockpit interaction designer, Emy is currently pursuing a formal racing license.


  • B.A. from Dartmouth College