Adler Xie
Sr. Principal

Adler (Xiaoying) Xie is a Senior Principal at Keystone Strategy’s Seattle office, known for her forward-thinking approach in leveraging data and AI to devise transformative business strategies. She excels in pinpointing opportunities where businesses can harness technology, data analytics, and machine learning to spearhead their digital evolution and solidify their industry presence.

Prior to her impactful role at Keystone, Adler was a Sr Data Science Manager at Twitter. She led the vision and development of a multi-layered organization, resulting in profound improvements in user experiences. At Amazon, as a Senior Economist and Science Manager, Adler successfully navigated complex projects, achieving notable financial returns and influencing high-level business strategies.

Outside the professional realm, Adler cherishes quality time with her daughter and family, enjoying park outings and engaging in an array of sports. A guiding principle in Adler’s career is her commitment to aligning with companies that genuinely aim to better society.


  • Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Master of Economics from HSBC School of Business, Peking University
  • Master of Finance from the University of Hong Kong
  • Bachelor of Law in Sociology from Renmin University of China