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[Whitepaper] Navigating Change in Your Digital Transformation Journey

A whitepaper authored by Keystone team of consultants in collaboration with Microsoft yields three primary findings
By Caroline Adelson, Cate Tompkins, Ellora Sarkar, and Tom Kudrle
September 30, 2021   /   2 Minute Read
Change Management White Paper - 3D Rendering

Change management is one of the most common challenges in digital transformation, and a major reason behind why digital transformation efforts fail. In addition to managing technology changes, leaders of digital transformations must effectively drive changes in both behaviors and mindsets across all parts of the organization.

In collaboration with Microsoft, the team at Keystone Strategy held conversations with digital transformation leaders at large enterprises to explore approaches and strategies that help drive successful change management in digital transformation efforts.

  • 1) Successful change takes deliberate design and preparation with both business and technology stakeholders. If the change doesn’t have a reason that is grounded in real business outcomes, it’s probably not going to land.
  • 2) Changing an organization relies on the people on the ground. Invest in ways to ensure that you can effectively bring people on the change journey, so that the effort feels worth it.
  • 3) The best change management processes anticipate the need for flexibility. Even the best-laid plans go awry, so work to proactively collect and react to feedback from folks on the ground.

In this paper, we dive deep into each of these key factors and highlight six strategies that transformation leaders leverage to ensure their organization embraces change.

Read the full paper here.

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