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[Whitepaper] Digital Autonomy: The Key to Digital Marketing Transformation

A whitepaper authored by Keystone team of consultants in collaboration with Microsoft examines the key themes of their conversations with senior marketing executives at large enterprises
By Eram Mallick, Nimo Suleyman, Caroline Adelson, Cate Tompkins, Gayatri Nair, Ellora Sarkar, Mary Scarpulla, Sean Hartman
September 19, 2022   /   2 Minute Read

As consumers increasingly interact with brands online, companies must harness the power of digital data to unify the customer experience across channels, drive loyalty, and increase revenue. At the same time, they must protect customer privacy and navigate ever-changing regulations and technology.

Our conversations with senior marketing executives at large enterprises reveal that their transition from fragmented, channel-specific marketing to orchestrated, omnichannel customer journeys is hindered by their reliance on large third-party ad platforms. (Note that we refer to them as “third parties” because they intermediate between marketers and their customers.) The ability for marketers to capture, control, and analyze customer data independently of these platforms—an ability we refer to in this paper as “data autonomy”— becomes a critical competitive advantage in this environment.

This paper discusses the impact of data autonomy challenges on digital transformation in marketing, how leaders are overcoming those challenges, and what can be done to create a healthier commercial ecosystem going forward.

Read the full paper here.

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