Trial Verdict: Uber Agrees to $245M Settlement with Self-Driving Car Company

Uber has reached a settlement agreement with Waymo, Google's self-driving car company, to end a legal dispute over allegedly stolen trade secrets. John Blackstone reports.
February 10, 2018   /   1 Minute Read

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A California federal jury on Wednesday cleared OculusVR’s founder and a Facebook subsidiary on allegations that the billionaire lied about his progress on virtual reality headset designs that Total Recall Technologies contracted him to create and then sold them to Facebook for $2 billion.

The trade secrets trial against Oculus VR’s billionaire founder Palmer Luckey wrapped Wednesday when the jury unanimously held that Total Recall Technologies had failed to prove that Luckey breached a contractual obligation to it or that Luckey committed constructive fraud.

The jury unanimously held that TRT also failed to prove that Luckey had entered into a confidential relationship with it.

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