Rohit Chatterjee Featured in “14 Traits You Want To Look For In A Top Tech Hire”

March 16, 2018   /   1 Minute Read
Forbes Tech Council - People laughing at a board room table

Originally published in Forbes Technology Council on March 16, 2018. Below is an excerpt from the article. 

Hiring for any position can be a challenge most of the time. You want the perfect candidate that will not only fit in your corporation but has the most talent for the role. This means you need to weigh not only their information technology skills, but soft skills as well, in order to decide who you should make your offer to.

Given a wide range of needs, it’s hard to know what abilities or skills to value over others. To help bring some clarity on what to look for, 14 members of Forbes Technology Council provide the traits they typically seek when hiring to their tech teams, from innate curiosity and desire to learn to passion, discipline and integrity. Here’s what they said:

1. A Curious Mind

Beyond just core technical skills, I look for candidates with genuine intellectual curiosity. A curious mind will never stop learning, ask real insightful questions and conduct themselves with humility. – Rohit Chatterjee, Keystone

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