Opportunities and challenges of digital adoption in the healthcare industry: Perspectives from leaders and healthcare professionals

Is the digital revolution in the healthcare space here to stay or was it just a temporary trend due to the pandemic?
June 2, 2023   /   5 Minute Read

The acceleration of science and technology has resulted in widespread innovation and disruption in almost every industry. The healthcare industry is no exception and has seen significant changes in its landscape in recent years. Even though healthcare delivery is fraught with regulatory complexity, privacy concerns, and integration and adoption challenges, the digital health market is forecasted to grow significantly, and this global expansion of digital healthcare solutions is a large enabler of faster innovation across the healthcare industry.

Within this rapidly changing landscape, we wanted to investigate the trends and sentiments with regards to digitalization and adoption of new technologies among healthcare professionals. Together with Ivy Exec, we conducted a survey of leaders in the healthcare space to identify key opportunities and concerns for digital adoption. In this whitepaper, we highlight their motivations for adoption, deep dive on the various use cases for digital solutions, explain their concerns about adoption, and provide insights to companies/solution providers about what factors they should keep in mind while designing and marketing their product. The data show exciting insights that can help accelerate the industry’s technology transition and shape user-centric digital innovation for the sector.

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