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Keystone Strategy: Where Women Are Breaking Boundaries

June 30, 2017   /   1 Minute Read
Ivy Exec - Where Women are breaking boundaries

Originally published in IvyExec.com in 2017. Below is an excerpt from the article: 

But when it comes to actually walking the walk, far fewer companies actually make hiring women a priority. But top global consulting firm Keystone Strategy is the exception to that rule. With offices in Seattle, San Francisco, Boston and New York, the firm has brought on a new coterie of female consultants who are ready to shake up their industry and break boundaries.

Seyla Azoz is a Senior Consultant in Keystone’s San Francisco office. She joined the firm in 2015 after graduating with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Yale. Over the past two years, she has worked with some of the company’s most impressive clients. She provided expert analysis of technology data during the intellectual property trial between Oracle and Google working with a Keystone client that represented Oracle. She’s also worked with Fortune 500 companies to optimize how they link online and offline information and has provided expert recommendations for how to improve industry best practices for consumer technologies.

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