Keystone Strategy Enables Machine Learning Application to Tackle Trademark Issues

Public debut of a transformative trade dress infringement identification process to be shared at annual NABE-TEC 2018 conference
October 29, 2018   /   3 Minute Read

“Current trademark infringement evaluations are missing an enormous opportunity to develop objective and measurable evidence using machine learning and visual recognition technologies,” notes Cedric Garcia, a Keystone Engagement Manager and co-author of the poster. “After working on many high-profile trademark infringement disputes, we developed a scalable, data driven application that can analyze thousands of images of products and measure their similarity within seconds.”

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are transforming the way technology companies serve consumers, but the impact of these innovations has yet to be fully realized in legal disputes. Keystone’s development of AI and Machine Learning applications will provide the most sophisticated trademark owners and their attorneys with a new legal strategy and evidentiary tool to greatly improve the evaluation of trademark infringement. In addition, the speed and accuracy of Keystone’s technology has broad use outside of the legal industry, from startups creating new products to academic research.

The announcement of this unique application continues Keystone’s mission to bring actual industry experience and the vanguard of academic approaches to consumer, policy and high-tech litigation disputes supporting companies including Facebook, Oracle, Yeti, and Microsoft. It also recognizes the second year in a row that Keystone’s technology has been selected for presentation at NABE’s premier technology conference. In 2017, Keystone was recognized for its development of a suite of applications to analyze innovation in visualizing massive software code bases.

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