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Keystone Strategy: Bridging Business, Economics, and Technology

August 30, 2019   /   2 Minute Read
Samantha Price - Headshot

Published in IvyExec.com in 2019. Below is an excerpt from the article: 

The intersection between business, economics, and technology is where Keystone Strategy makes its stand. Keystone Strategy is a strategy and economics consulting firm that’s focused on helping clients navigate some of the most difficult challenges facing business today. They work mainly with a variety of Fortune 50 technology companies, some of the world’s biggest law firms, and large companies that are being transformed through technology. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising to find Keystone working with any of the companies on our Tech/Digital Disruptive Companies to Work For List.

Primarily, you’ll find Keystone Strategy working on the leading edge of sciences, technology, and business, says Samantha Price, the first female Partner at the firm. This includes dealing with issues that come up in a legal context, such as intellectual property, competition, and anti-trust.

“As part of that work, we leverage strategic insights from leading experts at Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Wharton, and other top universities,” explains Price. “Pairing their insights with the practical experts at our firm—made up of MBAs, technologists, and economists—is what makes us unique.”

So, it should be no surprise to discover that Keystone Strategy is ranked highly on our list of Top Boutique Consulting Firms. But how exactly did Keystone gain such prestige? The biggest driver of their success is their talent.

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Find out why top tech firms, Fortune 500 companies, and global law firms partner with Keystone.