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Keystone Recognized as Top Economic Consultancy in Global Competition Review for Third Year in a Row

The leading economics, technology, and strategy consulting firm was recognized as a top competition and antitrust economic consultancy by Global Competition Review (GCR)
December 10, 2021   /   2 Minute Read
Keystone Recognized as Top Economic Consultancy in Global Competition Review for Third Year in a Row

Keystone, an innovative economics, technology, and strategy consulting firm, has once again been recognized as a top antitrust and competition firm by the Global Competition Review (GCR) in its annual Economics 23 ranking featuring the world’s leading consultancies for antitrust economics.

For the third year in a row, Keystone stands out on the GCR 100 list as a firm offering a range of deep expertise—across economics, strategy, and computer science—to both global technology companies and federal regulators.

“We are deeply honored to be recognized again as one of the industry’s top firms,” said Jeff Marowits, President at Keystone. “Our team has served as thought partners on the most cutting-edge questions in antitrust that are reshaping the way we think about competition in digital markets, and we are looking ahead to a year of ever-more complex platform litigation issues.”

Maintaining a laser focus on technology markets, Keystone’s competition group brings together accomplished economists, computer science experts and management professionals. The team routinely advises on a wide range of competition-related issues in digital markets, such as platform economics, app store rules, the value of data, network effects and the trade-off between privacy and competition.

Keystone has partnered with major digital platforms such as Amazon, Meta (fka Facebook), and Microsoft and has advised companies such as Oracle, News Corp, Uber, AT&T, Expedia, and Turo to tackle some of their most fundamental business challenges. In recent years, the firm has completed work evaluating antitrust theories of harm related to privacy, algorithmic markets, and the use of metrics that extend beyond those of consumer welfare.

“Keystone’s unique approach to foundational questions of competition in technology markets has been built over years of accumulated expertise,” noted Jennifer Redmond, a Senior Principal at Keystone and co-head of the firm’s competition practice. “With the way the world has shifted focus to increase scrutiny and regulation of tech-related competition issues across markets, our team is well-positioned to solve these novel issues that regulatory authorities and leading counselors are faced with.”

Other recent work in the practice area includes Keystone Expert and Chairman Marco Iansiti’s research on assessing the strength of network effects in social network platforms and the value of data and its impact on competition.

Part of the GCR 100, the Economics 23 (formerly the Economics 21) is chosen based on GCR’s annual quantitative and qualitative analysis with a focus on reputation, size of practice, and work on important competition and antitrust matters throughout the year.

View Keystone’s ranking in GCR 100 here.

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