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Keystone Featured in “4 Companies Committed To Diversity & Inclusion”

May 30, 2020   /   1 Minute Read
Ivy Exec - 4 Companies Committed To Diversity & Inclusion

Originally published in IvyExec.com in 2020. Below is an excerpt from the article: 

There is an increasing awareness in business culture that diversity & inclusion should never simply be a tagline or set of checkboxes, they need to be integral parts of the very fiber of a company’s existence. When diverse individuals, perspectives, and experiences are represented and nurtured in a company, teams and employees are more empowered for success and a company is more likely to thrive. To go beyond the slogans, we spoke to 4 companies who have a demonstrated commitment to diversity & inclusion as a matter of strategy but also as a core component of the firm’s identity. These firms have shared their approaches with us and will offer valuable insights to consultants seeking a supportive and dynamic workplace for their next challenge.

At Keystone Strategy, the mission is Transformative Ideas but the core of culture is the recognition that these ideas are more prevalent and possible when leveraging diverse teams. Over the last five years, Keystone has set out to build diverse teams at every level of the firm through recruiting, internal mentorship programs, and development plans. The impact on the business has been outsized and today Keystone stands ahead of its competitors in terms of innovation and creativity.  As a result, they have grown at a rapid pace and are currently recruiting for Associates, Technology Associates, Consultants and Economists.

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