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Keystone Featured in “How 3 Firms Built Outstanding Company Culture”

August 15, 2021   /   1 Minute Read
Ivy Exec - How 3 Firms Built Outstanding Company Culture

Originally published in IvyExec.com in 2021. Below is an excerpt from the article: 

A strong company culture is crucial for a successful business, and even though most leaders know it’s vital it can also feel elusive. What makes a company culture positive or toxic? How can leadership design a company culture and ensure its adoption? Is company culture even something that can be implemented or does it grow from the bottom up? Company culture can, and should be purposefully engineered to create a productive and encouraging environment that fosters growth and collaboration. To help struggling companies tailor a culture that serves their teams and their goals, a few top consulting firms have weighed in with their tips, process, and results.

A Values-Centric Culture at Keystone Strategy

We strive to identify, attract, and retain people who value purpose-driven work. We aim to actively anticipate each other’s needs and our clients’ needs, and work in a collaborative and humble fashion to advance our clients’ interests and develop our team.

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