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HBR: What The Companies On The Right Side Of The Digital Business Divide Have In Common

By Robert Bock, Marco Iansiti, Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, and Karim R. Lakhani, Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School
January 31, 2017   /   1 Minute Read
What the Companies on the Right Side of the Digital Business Divide Have in Common

Originally published in Harvard Business Review in January 31, 2017.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

In just a few years digital technology has connected an ever-growing number of people, sensors, and devices. It’s created new business and social networks, resulted in new ecosystems, and transformed our economy. Of course, not all organizations have responded to it in the same way. While some have invested significantly in technology, operational, and cultural changes, others are lagging behind. Our research shows that digital transformation is paying off for those who embrace it: Digitally transformed organizations (“digital leaders”) performed much better than organizations that lagged behind (“digital laggards”), effectively creating a “digital divide” across companies.

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