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Furthering Economic Inclusion of Marginalized Entrepreneurs

This global research study was sponsored by Facebook (Meta) and the authors were assisted by Fraser Thompson, Engagement Manager at Keystone, and his team of researchers
November 29, 2021   /   1 Minute Read
Fostering Inclusive Growth

Meta recently shared the findings from a global research study authored by Keystone Experts and professors, Jock Collins and Mohanbir Sawhney. With support from Keystone’s team of economists, the Meta-commissioned study explores the unique experiences of SMB leaders belonging to marginalized groups and seeks to examine how they can leverage digital tools to help overcome the social, economic and cultural barriers they may face while conducting business.

The report finds that while digital technologies are only one arm of a multi-pronged solution to economic inequality, they can empower business leaders that are excluded by race, ethnicity, or indigenous status to overcome barriers and to ultimately establish and grow successful businesses.

The white paper, “Fostering Inclusive Growth: How Digital Tools Benefit Entrepreneurs from Marginalized Groups,” looks at the experiences of marginalized entrepreneurs from a global perspective. The research also includes supplemental reports with deeper dives into eight different countries in order to examine entrepreneurship in different marginalized groups and to highlight real-world narratives.


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