Envisioning Metaverse-Based Litigation In The Real World

By Ara Stepanyan, Rohit Chatterjee, Max Whitmore
September 9, 2022   /   1 Minute Read
Metaverse-Based Litigation Law360

Below is an excerpt from the article published in Law360’s Expert Analysis column. 

Although still in its formative stages, the metaverse is gradually becoming ripe for litigation in real-world courts.

True enough, the technology that has created the bulk of this alternate world is not even a decade old and may seem inconsequential for all but diehard fans. But history is full of examples in which new innovations were considered passing fancies by the public at large, only to become rooted in modern life.

Not only automobiles, but even bicycles were considered fads initially. The telephone, the electric light, the printing press — all of them and more were sneered at when introduced. Think of all the legal actions initiated every year from just the auto industry alone — everything from personal injury cases to class action suits over manufacturers’ inflated gas mileage claims. So suspend your disbelief for a moment and entertain the possibility of the metaverse becoming a matter of interest to attorneys.

This article describes the potential disputes that could cause actions outside the virtual world and digital forensics hurdles to be cleared in demonstrating the offense, identifying the culpable parties and collecting damages.

Read the full article here.

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