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Dr Matteo Foschi and Gianmarco Calanchi Join Keystone Europe

Keystone Strategy today announced that Dr Matteo Foschi and Gianmarco Calanchi have joined the firm’s European operations in the London office, led by Cristina Caffarra and Andrea Coscelli
February 17, 2023   /   2 Minute Read

LONDON, BRUSSELS Keystone Strategy LLC (Keystone), a consultancy to top technology companies, government agencies and global law firms on strategy, economics, technology, and competition, today announced that that Dr Matteo Foschi and Gianmarco Calanchi have joined the firm’s European operations in the London office, led by Cristina Caffarra and Andrea Coscelli.

Dr Foschi, a micro economist with an expertise in industrial organization, competition policy, and incentive theory, joins the firm from CRA as a Partner. Gianmarco, who joins from Compass Lexecon as a Sr Principal, brings over ten years’ experience as an antitrust economist. Both have supported a number of high profile competition investigations, including merger control.

Dr Matteo Foschi has advised clients on global high profile mergers and acquisitions in front of the European Commission, the UK Competition and Markets Authority, and the Federal Trade Commission. He is currently advising Microsoft on their ongoing acquisition of Activision Blizzard across multiple jurisdictions including the EU, the UK, and others across the globe. Before joining Keystone, Matteo advised clients on multiple global deals including Microsoft’s acquisitions of language recognition and AI software company Nuance and the game publishing studio ZeniMax, as well as Amazon’s investment in Deliveroo in the UK.

Gianmarco’s experience spans industries including financial markets, media, telecommunications, transport, energy, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and payment systems. Before joining Keystone, Gianmarco led the economic analysis of over 20 horizontal and non-horizontal mergers at the UK Competition and Markets Authority.

Keystone’s London practice was established to create a new combined economic, technology, and strategy approach to antitrust in Europe. Keystone has served major technology clients in the European region for the last decade, and the expansion of the London office helps the firm play a greater role in future competition, regulatory, and litigation matters.

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